Micro springs

January 30, 2024 by

Micro springs

The production of micro springs is our greatest pride; it is carried out using only materials of the highest quality, as the result of many years of research and study dedicated together with our outsourced partners, in order to create for your jewels a truly unique product.

Micro springs are made using different steps of processing, where both manual and mechanical are included, with the help of sophisticated high-precision machines.

Afterwards, the micro springs are thermally treated so that they keep their shape and functional properties for the jewelry intact. n the processing for square and round wire, there is an initial treatment carried out by the machine, that allows an infinite range of sizes, with very high precision, keeping the wire flat with sharp, rounded edges.

This type of product provides all jewelry to which it is applied with unrivaled elastic strength, confirming the outstanding quality of all our workmanship.